Tonight had many examples of why urban life is good and our neighborhood is fantastic…

1. We got out of work at a decent time, picked up the kid, came home and parked the car, grabbed the dog and went for a walk. A long walk, with a lot to see including the landscaping of Central Parkway (appears new, though I will readily admit that Chad and I are not the most observant), the doors open at Coffee Emporium due to the lovely day, casino construction, a lovely woman and Whippet who knew Letty (huh – fascinating!), and Fido Field (more to come on this from Chad).

2. We then debated dinner…1/2 thawed pork chops in the fridge, some place that may allow dogs to join us, or one of the fine establishments on Vine Street. Pork chops lost by a landslide. We stopped at Coffee Emporium with plans to enjoy dinner outside with the dog at our feet, but then continued on due to a few smokers in the general vicinity. Yes, everyone has a right to fill their lungs with tobacco if they please, but…we don’t want the decision made for us. Off we went to Neons to see if they had anything cooking outside, though the grill was quiet (dog friendly establishment).We did run into Mark Byron – read his story here and let us know your thoughts. Chad called City Cellars as we have wanted to check out their pizza (another dog friendly establishment), though it appears pizza is in the oven only on Tuesday. SO, we decided to take the dog home and grab something on our street, though we made a quick pit stop at Park and Vine to say hi to Dan.

3. We dropped off the dog and headed down to A Tavola¬†and though we didn’t get seated with our favorite server Annie, we had fantastic service (as always) with Emily and were spoiled a bit by one of the owners, Nick. (just trust me when I say…salted caramel gelato. Seriously.) They even made us a 1/2 and 1/2 pizza for Soph and I because “you guys are regulars”.

4. After dinner we sent Soph on ahead to buy a Streetvibes from Lee, who reminded us that he will have an article in the next edition on 3/2.

5. Neighborhood. It’s so nice to be part of a neighborhood.

2 Comments on “Neighborhood”

  1. sami says:

    You guys rally made a great choice for your family when you moved there! I’m so happy for all of you and enjoy reading about your adventures in the OTR! Can’t wait for our next visit to get to see more of the area and to meet Letty!

  2. Ryan says:

    annie is the best!

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