One Year

We have been here a little over a year. March 27, 2011. 12.5 months. 55 weeks. 389 days.

It was one of the best decisions we have ever made.

A few of our high points:

We celebrated turning 38 (Chad and I) and turning 6 (Soph).

6 rotations around the sun

Chad and I ran a 1/2 marathon and Soph ran one of the flying piglet races.

Damn...we're cute after running 13.1 miles. :)

We sold a car (post to come on that) and we are now a 1 car family.

We got a dog.

Soph and Letty

I switched jobs.

We have learned that open umbrellas on outdoor furniture is a definite no-no (mental image – Chad and I…middle of a dark, stormy night…awaking to a bang and finding the umbrella, still attached to the table, precariously teetering over the edge of the roof)

We have experienced the Queen City Underground Tour and the Spirit of Christmas Tour and have retained a few pertinent facts about our great city’s history.

Soph started piano lessons and has become an expert at Twinkle, Twinkle.

Piano practice

We now are the proud owners of cruiser bikes…and a trail-gator.

The Gator

We were foster parents for mealworms for the summer.

Mealworm life cycle (fascinated, aren't you?)

Mount Adams pool rocks.

Swim, kid, swim

The City Flea rocks.

We have learned that parking lots are the ultimate playspace.

Flying a kite

Chad met the mayor twice.

Chad and his new BFF

Chad spoke at City Council in support of the streetcar.

We made seed bombs with Visual Lingual at the CAC.

We watched fireworks…from every angle…from our roof.

Roof view

Soph was part of the Central Parkway yarn bombing.

That fish is hers... :)

We visited the local firehouse where Soph got to climb up the fire pole and Chad was able to be a fireman for 10 seconds.

Cheetah in the firehouse

Chad lost a hero (Steve Jobs).

We had lots of fun with the Elf on a Shelf (who knew that becoming an urbanite Elf would make him so much fun?)

Elf on a Shelf and friends

Chad completed his master’s degree.

So proud...

We experienced 11.11.11 at the Emery theater.

Yep...quality time with Drew at the Emery

We saw Wicked because some lovely gentleman felt sorry for Soph at the Wicked lottery and sold his pair of tickets to us.

We learned about homework.


We skated at Fountain Square and ran into this lovely pair.

New friends at the rink

We disconverd Christian Morlein and the Banks.

New playspace for all of us

We had a backstage tour of the Aronoff.


We saw the opening of Abigail Street, Taste of Belgium, A Tavola, Cincy Haus, Bakersfield and 1215 since we’ve moved in.

We climbed Main Street Steps.

Resting on the Main Street Steps

We met the real Santa at Macy’s.

The real deal

Check out downtown and OTR, people. It’s been good to us…

Our family

Our home

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