Flying Pig

This picture puts our Flying Pig season in perspective:

It’s all about the shoes, people…

2/3 of the Garretts are running members of society at the current time.

1/3 of the Garretts are registered, participating members of a Flying Pig race (2/3 are registered, flunked-out, non-participating members).

1/3 of the Garretts listened to another 1/3 of the Garretts and tried minimalist running which resulted in time on crutches, time on a scooter, time in a boot and the loss of the 1/2 marathon.

1/3 of the Garretts (the Vibram Five Finger wearing one) got a blister the size of a half dollar in February which resulted in 6 weeks off training and the loss of the 1/2 marathon.

1/3 of the Garretts is quite confident that her daddy is the smartest person on the planet and the Merrill minimalist running shoes are the must-have fashion accessory in 2012.

All of the Garretts love Flying Pig weekend because it showcases this great city, allows people to achieve goals that they never thought possible, and creates this fantastic feeling of accomplishment, encouragement, and teamwork. Go Flying Piggies, go!

Go, piggies, go…

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