Underground railroad car


This is a story about the underground railroad train. I like the underground railroad train because it is fast and it is underground. It sounds like wind and it looks a train or a bus. It is fast and it slows down. It is in the middle of slow and fast. It doesn’t scare me at all. I did not get scared.


There is a lot of people on the underground railroad train. They did not smash me. Do you think you need a car if you have a subway? I would still have a car because it will help me drive.


If Cincinnati had one it would be fun and we could ride it to streetpops and we could ride it to our house and we could ride it to my school.

Thank you for watching my blog
Kids and growinups .

The subway….I am so envious of Chicagoans who can shove in their iPod buds in the morning, walk a few blocks to the closest stop, and be seamlessly transported to their destination without any time behind the wheel, any road rage, any parking garages,…
I will say though that the poor schmuck who we saw carrying a stroller with a child still in it, up 2 flights of stairs, had my sympathy…

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