Monday Musings

1. I have recently restarted running after an injury. Seriously, you should all get up to run at 530 and experience downtown life at that hour. Most people are incredibly nice (because really, would anyone with a vendetta be up at 530 AM?), and there is usually at least one interesting, thought provoking sight along the way. Today it was the gentleman in the cookie monster pajamas. Definitely thought provoking. I couldn’t wrestle my phone off my arm fast enough to get a picture – just close your eyes and envision.

2. Flor. Absolute genius (especially if you have a clumsy kid or a dog that has issues with housebreaking)!

Flor floor

3. I am a huge advocate for the Cincinnati city pools, especially since I was able to pay $55 for an annual pass for access to any city pool for Soph and I (Chad deferred water fun this year). AND, they offer swim lessons for $20 for a 4 week session (twice a week lessons). Please support the city pools, primarily so you can see more kids in goggles like this (because really, they are downright funny looking).

4. Yep, you can definitely grow a great garden in the city…especially if you water it once in awhile. :)

Cucumbers to be

5. If anyone has found a great summer camp (that takes place all day, not this 12-2 mumbo-jumbo), please message me.

6. Streetpops is my favorite addition to the neighborhood for 2012. I tried on last year and was somewhat unimpressed, though I have since determined that I was stroking that day because how could I not have liked a Streetpop? Chocolate sea salt? Raspberry lemonade? Blueberry lemon thyme (my new favorite)? OMG.

Yep…life is all good with a Streetpop in your hand, people.

7. Favorite city park? Secret steps to climb? We are on the hunt for some Cincinnati adventures this summer.

8. Nada is just a ridiculously lovely dining experience. Everytime.

9. One more picture of the wall…notice Soph and Letty standing off to the right.

Know Theatre

10. Finally, in an attempt to get Chad moving on posts here…please post what interview you would like for him to request next? Thanks. :)

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