New family member

Yesterday our daughter tossed a ping-pong ball into a fish bowl on a midway in northern Indiana. In turn, a goldfish was plucked from it’s little fish tank haven, dropped into a measly little plastic bag for transport and handed to her.

“YAY!!! Mama, I won a fish! I won a fish!”

Two thoughts ran through my head.

1. Whew. I will have to endure no more rides (thank God as the next one was clearly going to push my stomach from general unhappiness into full fledged pissiness).

2. Good thing the fish will be dead by tonight as I’m not sure how we will transport him home.

Well, I was able to convince her that a live fish has no place on the tilt-a-whirl, but the damn thing lived through the swing of the arm of a little girl who is skipping down the sidewalk with excitement, a few hours sitting in a hotel room that had no air conditioning, multiple drops on the floor of the hotel room and the car (“oops, mama. HE’S STILL ALIVE!!!), 24 hours without food, and a 4 hour car ride back to Cincinnati. Once home, he was rewarded with a luxurious new fish bowl, food, and the loving gaze of a 6 year old. Welcome to OTR, Junior.









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