The park

I have waited a bit to write about the park. What more could I say that hasn’t already been said? The photos, the sentiment…the blog posts. OTR blog had one of my favorite posts about the day.

We unfortunately had to miss the celebration during the day, but have spent several hours there since…

Here is our official review:

1. The dog park is a hit for socializing dogs in the neighborhood. Who knew there were this many urban dogs…or suburban dogs who yearn to join the cool kids?

20120714-220523.jpg We did have an incident Monday morning with absent Mutt mitts (something about this park gives Letty a mild case of IBS), but since then the park has been fully stocked.

2. The City Flea at Washington Park. The number of people who flooded the park this morning to meet the vendors of amazing goods was phenomenal. There was music, kids in the fountain, jazzercise on the lawn, Improv, hula-hoops in front of Music Hall, food trucks lining Elm, … Speaking of food trucks, today’s wait at the trucks was over an hour after our ticket was “lost”, and Chad’s truck ran out of napkins. I won’t name names, but obviously next time we need to be first in line at the trucks at 11.


3. The fountains. GOOD GOD, the fountains! The child runs through them every chance she gets…most recently it was to the sounds of “Teenage Wasteland”. Nice audible backdrop…mixed with laughter.


4. The kids playspace. I am not sure how playgrounds have evolved so much in 30 years, but I remember swings, teeter-totters, monkey bars, and merry-go-rounds. This has a small “creek” running through it, a large wooden boat, a pretend castle, sandbox, musical instruments, a large swing and a whirligig thing that kids hang from (or sit on) and spin. Personally, I think the musical instruments should have been forefront (they are tucked in the back of the area and are easily missed), the boat should go for another piece of actual equipment (monkey bars?) and the sandbox doubled in size and put in the front. Its not my favorite playground in the city (Lunken is where it’s at…), but I am not 6. 6 year olds seem to dig it.


5. Trees and greenspace. We do love trees and shade, especially on the 100 degree plus days we have had lately. There are plenty on the south end of the park so that you can grab a blanket, a meal, and the pooch and have a lovely picnic.


There is also plenty of room for impromptu cartwheel lessons since the ability that I had at age 7 has clearly dwindled over the past 30 years.


It is really a fantastic space with programming on most nights including concerts, movie night, kids events, dog events, etc. There was a vision to enhance the community and this goal has clearly been met. When you stand in the middle of the park and spin slowly you will see young and old, black and white, male and female, singles and families…you will see relationships form in the mist of the water and to the sounds from the bandstand. It is building a community. Come check it out.

One Comment on “The park”

  1. visualingual says:

    I had a chance to check out the playground with a friend’s kids over the weekend, and I noticed several older kids who were [unintentionally, for the most part] bullying the younger kids and taking over parts of the playground. It’s not their fault — there’s really nothing in the new park for the older kids, so this is pretty much what I imagined would happen when I learned the details of what the park would and would not include.

    Personally, I’ve been really surprised at how noisy the new park is. Not the sound of kids playing, but the musical instruments, fountain soundtrack, live music or movie and, of course, the ice cream truck that’s been parked next to the park. It’s annoying, to say the least. Last Saturday’s movie was going strong at 11pm and, in our apartment, it sounded like it was playing in the next room. The noise level and frequency is definitely not what I expected — four nights per week seems a bit excessive.

    Call me old fashioned, but my favorite part of the park in the Southern area that’s filled with grass, trees, paths and benches. The bells and whistles are fine, and it’s great to see other people enjoying them, but I really appreciate the simple green space.

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