Cincinnati Bucket List

Bucket list…no, not the movie…really, a list of things we want to do around the city. We’ve added and taken away over the years and I know we’re missing a tremendous amount of Cincinnati treasures (please send me your favorites). Here are a few of the current to-dos on our list:

1. Mount Airy Forest

2. Take the Cake

3. Freedom Center

4. Mercantile Library

5. Wooden Nickel Antiques

I know, pathetic that we have never been to the Freedom Center or Mercantile Library…such downtown wanna-be’s, we are.

Anyway, yesterday we decided to venture out on a hunt for this structure that we initially noted via Casey Coston’s LosantiTours Facebook page (haven’t had the opportunity to tour Cincinnati with Casey, but the idea of a customized Cincinnati tour sounds amazing). Totally makes me think of ET – little green men running around this alien structure? Maybe…we figured we would just send the kid in first to check it out. She’s quicker then we are anyway. Casey had given us quick and dirty directions when we ran into him a few weeks ago – “follow the steps near the church near Findlay”. Got it – head north, search for a church, find stairs. OK.

As we were venturing though, I suddenly remembered the words from one of our tours with American Legacy Tours about the number of churches in OTR. OK, I didn’t keep meticulous notes from the tour, but it was something like 1 church in every block…or maybe every 2 blocks…crap, just know there are a lot of churches in OTR, ok? (I can vouch for their tours…they are well organized, extremely educational, downright funny…and seriously, the fact that they were able to get my husband to download “ghost radar” app during the haunted tour…well, they have to be good!)

Somehow we ended up on Race Street and noted the lovely church right at the end of the street (who knew?)

Phillipus United Church of Christ

We hoofed it down the street in hopes that there would be stairs in the general vicinity – yep, due east is a lovely staircase labelled “Ohio Avenue steps”. Appears we are on the right track, though we got a little nervous that we were off track and messaged Casey to make sure we weren’t going to be venturing into someone’s backyard. Here are the steps:

Ohio Avenue Steps

Complete with this sign – welcoming, huh?

Yep, beware of owner…

We finally reached the top, then veered to the left to continue the steps up. These were clearly from a different era, but more beautiful.

The second set of stairs to…. ????

These steps dumped us out into a field that reminded me of the Cincinnati Nature Center. Though my legs felt like we had walked to the CNC, I knew that distance estimate was a bit off…it’s really a lovely little oasis, though.

A few flowers from the urban field

We hiked through the field, which opened out into this (Bellevue Park):

Bellevue Hill Park

Pavilion built in 1955 as an outdoor dancing venue

The overlook with historical info plaque

Finally…the view

There are also picnic tables and plenty of room to sit comfortably and enjoy the view. It appeared well maintained, though with minimal people (we saw 5 people the whole time we were there). There were mutt mitts (bonus…though I’m not convinced Letty would walk all that way for us) and a drinking fountain as well. PLUS…there was this which caused me to immediately get nauseous just by standing close to it. Soph, on the other hand, clearly seemed to dig it.

The “death stick”?

Here is fantastic post by Over the Rhine Blog regarding the area…the Bellevue Incline, the Elm Street Steps, the Bellevue Park and the recent venture to clean up the steps (Spring in Our Steps). Fascinating.

Anyway, bottom line here is that there seems to be a neverending supply of “adventures” for us to experience in the Queen City. I love that we can literally walk out our door and walk in any direction…and find something we have never seen before, meet someone new, and learn about our neighborhood/city. And speaking of meeting someone new…on our way down from the park we met James and Danetta, who were sitting outside of their home grilling up a lunch. We stopped and chatted and meandered on down the sidewalk to find skeleton bones from a cat, which Soph was completely intrigued about and willing to scoop up to take to the Museum Center Trading Post. Thank you, James and Danetta for donating a couple Kroger bags to the cause so that the bones could be collected in a somewhat sanitary fashion. Sigh…

The BIG discovery

PS…please leave a comment with your version of a Cincinnati Bucket List. :)

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