Winter days

I love winter…up until Christmas. After the rush, it usually turns into cold, dark, dreary days. The one highlight in the crappy month of January is my birthday. “What to you want?”, my husband asked me. I thought about the standbys of chocolate, clothes, jewelry, books…but what I really wanted was something to do. Steam Whistle Letterpress is a full service press shop who has been in OTR for over a year, but we had yet to make our way in there. I knew they did workshops so asked Chad to sign me up for one. Postcards – fun, right?
Yes, it was fun. It’s a sweet little shop with tons of light, and tons of old stuff. You know, the stuff that makes you smile inside because someone cares enough to treasure a piece of our past. Old presses, type, phone, a record player (imagine setting type to the sounds of John Denver and Doris Day spinning on the turntable). It’s beautiful.
Brian talked us through the process of placing the type, inking it up and running our postcards through the press…and then he set us free to create whatever we wanted.
I walked away with 20 postcards, varying between 3 designs.
Brian also sells postcards he has made (without the smudged fingerprints that adorn some of mine) and can customize any printing project you have. Check out the place…well worth it.









2 Comments on “Winter days”

  1. sami says:

    Did you take pictures of all 3 of your three designs?

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