After several years of spending almost two hours a day in the car…feeding our child dinner and tossing her into bed within an hour of arriving home…and filling our weekends with the multiple errands we could never get to during the week, we decided to purge 75% (well, maybe 65%) of our belongings, ditch suburbia, and move to the city.

And now…we’re going to write about it! What’s it like being a family in the city? Good aspects? Bad aspects? We’ll share some of our adventures and misadventures (because though we like to pretend we’re perfect…we do have our share of complete disasters that turn into great family lore down the road). We’ll also delve into some of what makes Cincinnati…well, Cincinnati.

We are:

Chad: Liberal, Apple fan, adult educator, barefoot runner, mobile tech pundit, obnoxious.

Jen: Liberal, photographer, voracious reader, proud redhead, Apple fan, recovering runner, aspiring gardener, piano player, nail-biter, and believer in a Montessori education.

Sophie: Monkey bar master, Montessori student, piano player, card shark, reader, lover of swirly dresses, friend to multiple stuffed animals, redhead, and peanut butter and apple addict.

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