This is about a little hamster named Humphrey

Once upon a time, there lived a hamster whose name is Humphrey. He was really cute. He slept and he pooped in his poop corner. Humphrey lived in Ms. Mac’s house and then moved to classroom 26.

People took Humphrey home. There is this girl who took Humphrey home who doesn’t know how to speak English. Her name is Sayah. Sayah doesn’t speak, but she is really nice. She holds Humphrey in her hands.

Mrs. Brisbane is very, very mean to Humphrey. She is the new teacher instead of Ms. Mac. I liked Ms. Mac but she left Humphrey in room 26.

I love this book. It is really good because it has a friend, Aldo, who is really funny (who is a boy). It makes me feel good to read it. I can read it by myself. My mom reads it when I am super tired.

the end

Bye kids i hop you will like this                           by Sophie to kids and grown ups

This is about a little girl jump roping

This little girl was a very, very good jump roper. She jumped rope all over the place (seriously, I do) at school. I jump rope at school a lot. I like to jump rope a lot.

My jump ropes are small and I jump rope at the parking lots. Parking lots are good spots because we have enough room.

I jump rope with my mom and dad. They hold the other sides and I jump in the middle.

Have fun this Easter. Bye!

Sophie ran the race

I had so much fun. I wanted to run again, but I got 2 medals. I got one that glowed in the dark and I got a heart shaped one.

Fun run winner

The race was called the heart mini fun run for kids. It was to raise money to help people with sick hearts.

The race was really fun. I get to bounce in a bouncy heart. It was super fun. I got a clip. I was really excited for the race. There was a lot of kids there. I was a 5 to 7 one but I am 6 so I ran the race cause I was a 5 to 7 year old.

I got 2 medals. I ran one outside that was called the Flying Piglet. Don’t you remember?

Flying Piglet


Bye, bye, babies and kids and parents.

about the blue manatee

The Blue Manatee I had so much fun. I wanted a stuffed animal and a hot chocolate, but my nice mommy said I have to buy a book. I readed a book by myself.

Must get hot chocolate

I chose James and the Giant Peach because I thought it would be a good idea and I wanted to start to read chapter books. I am starting to start to read better books, like chapter books and “Me, Jane”.

Chapter book!

We read another book by him. It was really fun, ilke reading James and the Giant Peach. It was called Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. We watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on TV – I think the movie was better, but my mommy says the book was.

It is fun there. I read a couple books and sit under a tree.

The tree...

I had fun seeing Loren Long. He was nice. He signed my book. It was fun there. I really wanted to stay because he was really nice and I wanted him to read me a lot of books. It was fun there.

Loren Long

There is ISpy tables.

ISpy table

Well, you are welcome to go there if you want. I might be there but I am not there all the time.


PS…note from the “nice mommy”…this store is absolutely fantastic. It is warm and welcoming, charming and cozy, and full of fantastic books from amazing authors (no Dora, Sesame Street, backyardigans here). The staff is incredibly knowledgable (hence, James and the Giant Peach being a huge winner with the 6 year old). If you haven’t visited, definitely check it out and continue to support our local businesses.

About my dog Letty

My dog is as soft as a rabbit. It is a greyhound. It is a girl. She is always good at walking up the stairs. She didn’t used to be. We went behind her and she got it one time and we were very glad that she could make it up the stairs.

She is a good girl because she could do a lot of stuff that most dogs could not do like walk up the stairs and walk on a leash.

I love Letty because she is a good girl. I am glad we got her. She is so good I don’t want to take my hands off.

Walking down the stairs

I hug Letty


Letty lays down

sophie firegirl

(As dictated by Sophie. This event was in October…held at various fire stations around Cincinnati to commemorate Fire Safety Week. We went to the station on Liberty Street).

It was so fun to be there. I climbed the pole and I slided down and I got on the fire truck.

Plain old pole

It had beds inside it and it had medicine inside it. I had so much fun. I did not want to leave.

Plain old fire truck

My dad got dressed up like a fireman. They were heavy clothes.

Plain old daddy

The helmet was really heavy for Sophie.

Plain old Sophie

I was dressed like a cheetah cause it was Halloween.

It is in my neighborhood. It is so much fun.

Thank you firemen.

The fireman

The turtle

I really, really like the turtle. My dad found the turtle and then I picked it up. I wasn’t scared of it and I holded it in my hand. It opened up and it was really fun to find that.

There was like this park and it has a sidewalk and a lot of hills and it’s almost like a forest. There is a river there. We can ride our scooters or bikes. There are a lot of people, but one time my dad found a snake under a leaf too.

I’m done.


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